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Chartwell LS6

British monitors gained an exceptional appreciation in the audiophile world. Many manufacturers of such sets have rich and interesting history, often intertwined with famous recording studios. Even today, in the offer of PMC or ATC there is a sharp line dividing the consumer and professional segment. Obviously, every manufacturer dealing with professional equipment likes to boast about it everywhere, but it is also fair to say that many British companies have the right to do so. Among many institutions, one has become the real breeding ground of speaker talents - the British Broadcasting Corporation. Boxes originally developed for the BBC have 'that something' - the sound which is difficult to replicate even today. Most of the engineers have abandoned the old way of building the speakers, but a few companies are still faithful to those proven solutions. Graham Audio is one of them.

Xavian Ambra

Whenever I hear about the possibility of reviewing Xavian speakers, I'm already enthusiastic. These speakers are designed to stand out from the mass-produced crowd, but this is not the end of the story. As almost every review begins with the company's history, this time I'll skip the story about a charismatic audiophile who moved to Czech Republic from Italy for his wife, hired talented carpenters and so on... One can just visit Xavian's official website or take a closer look at its products to realize that we have some seriously specialized activity here. In Xavian's speakers there is no cheap plastic, gimcrack, drivers for half a dollar or wood-like veneer that comes out of the printer. Roberto Barletta doesn't design the speakers that will work with any cheap receiver, and the tuning of each new model takes several years on average. Perhaps that is why every new product and every major change in Xavian's catalogue is a big deal. The introduction of Perla and Orfeo monitor speakers was just such a step change. Now new boxes joined the family.

Audiovector QR1

Audiovector is a company which doesn't need an extra philosophy - what it already has is enough to tell the story. And the story was mainly created by one man - Ole Kliffoth. He is responsible for most of the solutions Audiovector uses in its speakers, including five foundations of corporate technology - ADC (Active Direct Concept), IUC (Individual Upgrade Concept), LCC (Low Compression Concept), SEC (Soundstage Enhancement Concept) and NES (No Energy Storage). In conjunction with other features, they have one job - to make the sound faster, more direct and more dynamic. Audiovector's products are easy to recognize because of the curved side walls, metal panels with drivers and various, sometimes very bold, finishing versions.

Amphion Argon3LS

Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer announces the launch of the newest member of the Argon speaker family - Argon3LS. The new floorstanding speaker follows the already familiar format of all Amphion products, and additionally utilizes innovative engineering from the company's studio monitor line.

Mission LX

LX-2 and LX-3 are the first speakers to arrive from Mission's all-new entry-level LX Series which the company says will deliver exceptional sound at affordable prices. For the LX Series, the speakers' design has been stripped back to its fundamentals to produce a range of speakers that Mission can be proud of in engineering terms, but even more so in terms of the enjoyment the speakers' owners will experience.

Quad Z Series

Quad unveils its latest loudspeaker range, the first of many new products planned for 2016 in celebration of the British audio brand's 80th year. Like the S Series, which launched in 2015, the new Z Series combines advanced Kevlar bass and midrange drivers with a specially designed ribbon tweeter. The Z Series takes this fundamental design to a whole new level, re-engineering the drive units, crossovers and cabinets to provide the bridge between the entry-level S Series and Quad's classic electrostatic ESL speakers.

XTZ SUB 12.17

Subwoofers are very specific products. It might seem that the market was dominated by speakers manufactures, but this is not entirely true. Specialized companies often offer much more interesting, more powerful subwoofers than those which can be found in catalogues with common speakers. What do we want when choosing a subwoofer? Obviously - it has to be big, powerful and able to bring out frequencies which will significantly extend the capabilities of our stereo or home cinema system. And that's what XTZ SUB 12.17 is.

Care Orchestra The Wave Titanium Edition

Italian manufacturer of speakers presents the new model from the Spiritual Line. The Wave Titanium Edition is a ported, bookshelf, one-way speaker, configurable by the customer according to their style. List of available finishes and covers includes glossy Golden Light, Opaque and RAL lacquers, Cuoietto leather and other luxury leathers. All colors and the materials come from Milan. This new model has impedance rating of 8 ohms and the sensibility is 85 dB. The 12-cm woofer with Titanium cone was produced by Tangband company.

Wilson Benesch Endeavour

In June 2014 the Yorkshire based audio innovator and loudspeaker manufacturer will celebrate its 25th anniversary and at the same time pay homage to the 250th anniversary of the launch of HMS Endeavour by naming its latest loudspeaker. The Endeavour is constructed from Wilson Benesch’s in-house drive technologies deployed in a unique arrangement which sees one midrange Tactic-II drive unit deployed above the Semisphere Tweeter.