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Meze Audio 109 PRO

Meze Audio announces its first pair of dynamic open-back headphones - the 109 PRO. Made from carefully curated and responsibly sourced materials, including walnut wood, zinc, manganese steel, and vegan leather, the 109 PRO is a comfortable, lightweight, yet highly durable headphone capable of producing a natural, emotionally engaging listening experience. "Our obsession with art, exceptional sound, and timeless design drives us. We only create what we love, and...

Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary

Designed from the ground up, featuring several new audio innovations, the new range of speakers from the renowned French manufacturer is limited to 500 pairs per model. The Magellan 40th Anniversary range comprises two floor-standing speakers, the Quatuor 40th and Cello 40th, the Duetto 40th bookshelf speakers; and the Voce 40th center speaker. The new S08 and S08-C speaker stands compliment this new line-up.

Piega Coax Gen2

The Swiss speaker specialist expands its successful Coax series with four brand new models and, at the same time, presents a technically refined limited edition of the already well-known Coax floor-standing and bookshelf speakers. "Noble aluminum enclosures and ribbon loudspeakers" would probably be the answer of most hi-fi fans if you were to ask them about the most important features of Piegaloudspeakers. The four brand-new models, Coax 811, 611, 411, and Cen...

Auralic G1.1

Auralic announced an update for its Aries G1 and Altair G1 to the G1.1 version. Reflecting company's drive to innovate and lead the music streaming market, this update provides exciting improvements for both models. Engineered to exacting standards, the Aries G1.1 and Altair G1.1 excel in today's demanding environment of high-resolution music streaming. Designed and consistently updated in-house, the Lightning streaming platform has led the industry since its r...

Marantz CD 60

Marantz introduced the CD 60 high-performance CD player, engineered to provide superior sound quality through the application of highly advanced circuitry and premium internal components. The CD 60 features a striking industrial design and exceptional build quality to give warmth, richness, and dimensionality to the music only Marantz brings to digital audio. "With so much attention devoted to the burgeoning vinyl market plus the popularity of streaming content...

Denon PMA-1700NE, PMA-900HNE & DCD-900NE

Denon announced three new models - PMA-1700NE, PMA-900HNE, and DCD-900NE. New products include two new integrated amplifiers - one with HEOS Built-In network-based connected features, and a high-performance CD player. "Denon engineers have designed these components to achieve the perfect balance between outstanding performance for both digital and analogue sources with connectivity for a vast array of devices and media - providing music enthusiasts with the ult...

Octavio AMP

French company Octavio has created a compact network amplifier built for audiophiles and music lovers who appreciate modern solutions at an affordable price. The founders of the young manufactory say they wanted to democratize hi-fi and simplify the stereo system and the process of using it. The company was born in two student apartments in Lille. Its founders, David and Victor, owned vintage audio systems whose sound they greatly appreciated, but which were no...

Triangle Borea Active

Boasting a worldwide success, the Borea range now includes two new active and connected models in bookshelf format. The Borea Active speakers are genuine high-fidelity systems. Compact and all-in-one, they provide a rich audio and video experience - stream your music in high resolution with Bluetooth aptX, reproduce the warm sound of a vinyl turntable, link your TV, or create a fuller experience with the addition of a subwoofer. The Borea Active BR02 BT and Bor...

Rotel RA-6000 & DT-6000

Rotel announces the RA-6000 Integrated Amplifier and DT-6000 DAC Transport to celebrate 60 years as a Japanese family-owned and operated audio business. The "Diamond Series" models earn their distinction from the brand's 60-year legacy of unwavering commitment to quality and passion for audio performance, having been established in 1961 in Tokyo, Japan by founder Mr. Tomoki Tachikawa. The Diamond Series models feature industrial design engineered with modern, c...

Hegel P30A & H30A

The P30A preamplifier and the H30A power amplifier replace the P30 and H30 reference amplifiers that have been on the market since 2011. "For several years we have known that the P30 and H30 amplifiers were living on borrowed time because the extremely good transistors they used were being discontinued. This was a problem because they were so good that finding something that could even come close proved to be very hard. So, for years we have been looking for re...

Astell&Kern Kann Max

Astell&Kern reveals the Kann Max portable digital audio player (DAP), the 4th model in its acclaimed Kann series. By applying advanced design and audio technology, this newfound power is also housed in a more compact and lightweight chassis. The result is an even wider variety of headphones, including sophisticated high impedance models, can be optimally driven without the need for additional amplification. Music fans can experience the original studio-qual...

KEF LS60 Wireless

Over 60 years KEF has worked tirelessly to hone their craft and revolutionise the landscape of audio speakers. To mark this momentous milestone KEF has combined all their key technologies to deliver superlative acoustic performance in a distinctive, stylish and modern floorstanding speaker. The LS60 Wireless is as powerful as it is attractive and its slim design makes room placement adaptable for everyone. The LS60 Wireless produces an impressively powerful, ri...


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James Tanner - Bryston

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Alex Munro - Q Acoustics

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Ken Ishiwata - Marantz

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