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Thuono Audio TH400, TH350 & TH300

Thuono Audio arose and grew out of a passion for high-fidelity sound with the intention of creating products that guarantee the highest quality analog reproduction. After more than five years of study and prototype development, three different turntable models are now finally available - the fruit of detailed research both from the point of view of mechanical characteristics as well as the tonal qualities of the materials. All are carried out in order to e...

Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx

Following the ongoing popularity of the Brown Sugar series, the Polish manufacturer, Melodika, decided to expand the offer with a flagship speaker cable. Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx is the result of Polish technical thought and the culmination of 7 years of research, testing, and observation undertaken by Melodika specialists. The Hi-End speaker cable from the Brown Sugar series is based on the BSC2950 cable, which is the top model in this series and rep...

Sivga SV023

Since 2016, Sivga has been producing a range of acclaimed hi-fi headphones with a real-wood finish, including the recently announced closed-back Oriole and Robin. Delivering a spacious soundstage with excellent separation, and a rich, warm musicality, the Sivga SV023 are an open-back design with 50mm dynamic drivers which have been specially designed and engineered by Sivga in-house.


NAD Electronics, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance audio-video components, today announced the NAD CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer, a compact, minimalist design that makes it easy to add streaming capability to any music system. Employing audiophile-grade components, the NAD CS1 can play high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. It features Bluetooth, Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi and supports the most popular streaming and casting protocols...

Sonus Faber Homage

Sonus Faber is proud to announce the revival of its iconic and award-winning Homage Collection, showcased in the premiere of 4 new products. The extension of the current collection highlights Sonus Faber's deep Italian heritage, commitment to its artisans' craftsmanship, and progression of the brand's product collection, paying tribute to the musical instruments that inspired the collection's creation. The collection honors the genius of the talented creat...

FiiO K7

FiiO launches the K7 - balanced desktop headphone DAC and amplifier featuring dual AK4493S DACs, dual THX AAA 788+ amp technology, USB/Optical/Coax/RCA inputs, and both 6.3mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs. Building upon the success of previous FiiO desktop amplifiers, the K7 utilises a truly balanced six-stage audio circuit consisting of: DAC, Low Pass Filter, Volume Control, Buffer Amplifier, Pre-Amplification, and Headphone Out. Throu...

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xSTS

Audio-Technica introduced the new ATH-M50xSTS and ATH-M50xSTS-USB streaming headsets. As far as we're aware, these models are the world's first headsets specifically developed to address the needs of live-streaming content creators. The headsets are equipped with the same 45mm large-aperture drivers that grace the M50x headphones - long the monitoring choice of top engineers and audio professionals - to provide exceptional clarity throughout an extended fr...

Naim NSC 222, NAP 250, NPX 300 & NVC 331

Naim Audio launched in 1973 with a simple aim - to experience music replayed in its truest and purest possible form. That meant pushing the boundaries of what is viable, applying an obsessive attention to detail in the pursuit of musical authenticity. Half a century on, its end goal still starts with the music that moves us; an unwavering line from the first Naim products to the creation of the New Classic range: the NSC 222 streaming pre-amplifier; an all...

Cyrus PSU-XR

Internationally acclaimed, high-end audio brand Cyrus Audio announces the most intelligent power supply it has ever designed; the long-awaited PSU-XR. The PSU-XR is the first power supply from Cyrus to have its own built-in microprocessor, enabling it to talk to the product it is connected to, providing the best configuration of power sources demanded by the host product. "The PSU-XR is our best performing power supply, capable of providing up to 60% more ...

FiiO M11S

FiiO launches the M11S hi-res portable music player. Featuring dual ES9038Q2M DACs, the M11S is able to decode up to 384kHz/DSD256 audio. The versatile M11S builds upon the success of previous award-winning portable audio players from FiiO. Alongside its 3.5mm single-ended and 2.5mm/4.4mm balanced headphone outputs, and dedicated line-out, the M11S also offers LDAC, aptX HD, and LHDC Hi-Res Bluetooth connectivity. Further wireless options are available tha...

DALI Phantom M-675

Danish loudspeaker manufacturer introduced a grand yet shallow high-performance in-wall speaker designed for true Hi-Fi reproduction in high-end/high-performance home-cinema installations and stereo set-ups. Featuring no less than eight drive units, all developed in-house, this in-wall speaker offers the very best sound experience. The M-675 is our new addition to the Phantom M series offering a step up in size and sound quality compared to the smaller mod...

Octavio Maestro

On the occasion of the 2023 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Octavio, the Lille-based start-up specializing in the democratization of audio systems, announces Maestro, its connected speaker, at the cutting edge of innovation. Thanks to the Wi-Fi sound technology developed by Octavio, this new speaker offers a high-fidelity soundstage, without any coloration, for daily listening without auditory fatigue. Octavio Maestro completes Octavi...


Anssi Hyvönen - Amphion

Written by Tomasz Karasiński

Roger Kessler - Piega

Written by Tomasz Karasiński

Bob Surgeoner - Neat Acoustics

Written by Tomasz Karasiński

Steve Shade - MoFi Electronics

Written by Tomasz Karasiński

Josef Zellner - Dual

Written by Tomasz Karasiński

Gustavo Pires - Vicoustic

Written by Tomasz Karasiński

Mads Klifoth - Audiovector

Written by Tomasz Karasiński

David Nauber - Classé

Written by Tomasz Karasiński

James Tanner - Bryston

Written by Tomasz Karasiński
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