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Deeptime Ionic Sound System

Czech design studio Deeptime unveils the first commercially available audio set made from sand. The limited edition Ionic Sound System combines organic design and innovative u...

access_time 11:04AM 13 March 2019

McIntosh MTI100

At first glance, the new McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable may look like it's just a turntable, but a closer look will reveal that it is in fact so much more. Truly a one-o...

access_time 10:27AM 28 January 2019

Cambridge Audio Alva TT

Cambridge Audio has developed a direct drive turntable featuring aptX HD wireless audio. By supporting high-resolution 24bit/48kHz streaming over Bluetooth to compatible ampli...

access_time 03:02PM 24 January 2019

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC900BT

Audio-Technica is introducing its most advanced pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones, the ATH-ANC900BT. Combining innovative digital hybrid noise-canceling technology w...

access_time 08:16AM 20 January 2019

SME Synergy

British engineering and specialist high-end audio company is proud to announce the launch of Synergy, a precision-engineered integrated turntable featuring magnesium tonearm, ...

access_time 04:37PM 18 January 2019

Chord Ultima

With its 30th-anniversary year fast approaching, Chord Electronics has launched Ultima, a new state-of-the-art flagship amplifier featuring John Franks' latest circuit topolog...

access_time 03:54PM 16 January 2019

Focal Elegia

After Elear, Utopia and Clear - its three leading open-back headphones - Focal set itself a new challenge - to integrate the best of its technologies into an unprecedented clo...

access_time 09:42AM 14 January 2019

Dynaudio Evoke

Dynaudio has launched Evoke - a new, five-strong family of passive hi-fi speakers designed to bring true high-end technology, build-quality, and luxurious finishes to every ki...

access_time 06:27AM 12 January 2019

Final Audio Design E1000

Japanese audio manufacturer released the new product from its in-house brand. E1000 is the entry model of the E series which aims at becoming known as hands down the standard ...

access_time 10:23PM 09 January 2019

Pegaso P50A

New Italian audio brand Pegaso may be just a year old, but already it comes with decades of design expertise and a wealth of hi-fi know-how, thanks to the company's family tre...

access_time 05:14PM 08 January 2019

Denon AH-C820W

Denon introduced the new AH-C820W - the first headphones in the world to use dual drivers with our patented Denon Double Air Compression technology. These in-ear headphones ha...

access_time 12:49PM 06 January 2019

Astell&Kern AK T5p 2nd Generation

AK T5p 2nd Generation is the latest collaboration between Beyerdynamic - the renowned German manufacturer with almost 100 years of headphone-making heritage - and Astell&K...

access_time 07:02AM 04 January 2019


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