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Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx

Following the ongoing popularity of the Brown Sugar series, the Polish manufacturer, Melodika, decided to expand the offer with a flagship speaker cable. Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx is the result of Polish technical thought and the culmination of 7 years of research, testing, and observation undertaken by Melodika specialists. The Hi-End speaker cable from the Brown Sugar series is based on the BSC2950 cable, which is the top model in this series and represents an impressive 9.5mm² cross-section. Since audiophile-grade Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx uses high-quality materials and technical solutions, it is able to extract the maximum from your audio system potential and deliver an audio signal without compromising its purity and balance.

The technologically advanced construction of the BSSC95xx combines already proven concepts such as Multi-Gauge Core and Spiral Litz Technology, enclosed in a triple low-capacitance dielectric insulation made of LDPE. The Brown Sugar series is manufactured with high-quality Polish OFC 6N copper with a high purity of 99.9999%. Since it guarantees durability and the highest quality of electrical parameters, it is used in the most cutting-edge audio cables.

It turns out that sometimes the old-school solutions are still the best. When a signal is transmitted through a cable, it is done using a current. The electromagnetic field which it produces could interfere with the other cable signals. However, twisting the cables reduces this effect. Two braids of spirally twisted conductors eliminate the self-interference effect. As a result, the current induced in one conductor has the opposite direction to that in the neighboring one; thus, the disturbances cancel one another.

Multi-Gauge Core Technology is a special cable construction that employs five conductors of different thicknesses to bring out the best sound from low, medium, and high tones. Due to the variable magnetic interactions of the current with itself, the higher the frequency of the signal, the more it tends to flow over the surface of the conductor. As a result, an increase in frequency causes a decrease in the utilization of conductor cross-section and, consequently, an increase in cable impedance for high frequencies, which, obviously, is not advantageous to sound quality. The signal begins to flow unevenly (also due to phase shifts), and there is a loss of quiet components, which in the listening experience is defined as a lack of air or subtle information.

Multi-Gauge Core Technology responds to the fact that the wire thickness affects its electrical properties. Thus, the new, innovative design of Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx consists of strands of five thicknesses. Each of them has been engineered to utilize the best sound quality of low, medium, and high frequencies. In Spiral Litz Technology, each braid is made of separately insulated and twisted wires, which enables them to act as separate conductors, not as one large conductor. The total voltage of the power amplifier's output flows in each of them. This type of solution prevents electrons from jumping from one strand to another and, thus, eliminates the loss of the so-called subtle information.

The most crucial benefit of this technology is the uniformity of the current distribution throughout the cable cross-section, which increases the efficiency of current transmission. Skin-effect is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the conductors' insulation contributes to the prevention of copper oxidation. Transparent outer insulation of increased resistance also protects against mechanical damage and, at the same time, does not conceal the actual structure of the cable.

When connecting loudspeakers and audio amplifiers with a bare wire causes the exposed copper to oxidize quickly, which increases the cable resistance and has a detrimental effect on the sound fidelity. That is the reason why high-class cables rely on banana plugs. The new, preeminent Solid Grip Technology employed in the Melodika BSSC95xx cable ensures the tight, permanent connection of the plugs to the speaker cable without the use of soldering.

Contrary to the standard connection technique, such as the use of screw terminals, Solid Grip Technology consists in crimping a properly prepared plug on the loudspeaker cable with a press. This allows all conductors to be tightly pressed together with the plug in a way that eliminates gaps between them and maximizes the contact area. The monolith obtained this way forms a smooth, uninterrupted signal path, which significantly reduces the connection resistance.

The cable and plug, which are pressed together with Solid Grip Technology, offer a much higher conductivity than a terminal made with screws or soldered joints. The solution employed in Melodika BSSC95xx provides a liable, durable connection that is resistant to oxidation and offers excellent electrical conductivity with reduced resistance. Moreover, plugs are 24k gold plated, so they also do not oxidize and, thus, allow the low resistance connection during the whole time of cable utilization. Melodika BSSC95xx is available with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty in lengths varying from 1,5 to 8 m. The standard 2 x 2,5 m pair is priced at €1,299. Info and photos by Melodika.

Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx

Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx

Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC95xx

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