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Sonus Faber Suprema

Sonus Faber announced the launch of Suprema, a groundbreaking loudspeaker system rooted in luxury, unparalleled audio excellence and meticulous craftsmanship. Marking the brand's 40th anniversary, the Suprema system, featuring two main columns, two subwoofers and one electronic crossover, represents the future of the iconic audio brand and Sonus Faber's dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence.

Focal Aria Evo X

Focal presents Aria Evo X, a line of high-fidelity loudspeakers for the home to follow in the footsteps of the Aria 900 range, which has enjoyed a decade of success. With revamped technologies and a brand new finish, the Aria Evo X loudspeakers step it up another notch in terms of both sound and design. The French brand has developed this new range as a continuation of the Aria philosophy - to deliver a pure listening experience by providing the best loudspeakers in their category.

Tellurium Q Statement II

If the mainstream media is to be believed, our world is collapsing piece by piece. Paradoxically, with the end of times fast approaching, the market for luxury goods has strengthened, and this includes stereo equipment. Manufacturers of electronic components and loudspeakers are introducing bigger, more powerful versions of flagship models, which just a few years ago they described as their opus magnum, a benchmark that cannot be surpassed. Stereo systems presented at the biggest exhibitions are becoming more expensive every year. The top-of-the-line Tellurium Q cables are a prime example of this. When their second version went on sale about six months ago, I was unable to review them, as they were already scheduled for a "tour", which could not be completed, because every so often the Statement IIs found a new owner. The distributor ordered two more sets, one of which went from dealer to dealer, and the other was sold almost immediately. More sets had to be brought in, and finally, I managed to snatch up an interconnect and speaker cable worth just over €16,500.

Revival Audio Sprint

Revival Audio, the French loudspeaker company born from almost four decades of expertise and know-how behind many top-tier speaker brands based in France, Denmark and the USA, announced the latest addition to its line-up - Sprint. Building upon the success of their Atalante speakers, Revival Audio's Sprint range comprises the Sprint 3 2-way bookshelf speaker, and Sprint 4 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker. Both the Sprint 3 and Sprint 4 deliver a precise and balanced sound, thanks to featuring an innovative Elytron baffle design.

Lindemann Move

Whenever I grumble about the fragmentation of the audio equipment market, which translates into a huge variety of equipment available in stores, but also problems for customers to sort it all out in their heads and make a choice, I get a press release about new speakers, amplifier, or wireless headphones. If only these were brands whose existence I was aware of, whose products caught my eye while browsing magazines or reports from exhibitions, but this is not always the case. Later it turns out that we are not at all dealing with a small factory founded by enthusiastic students, but with a company operating continuously for thirty years, boasting many successes, awards, and, of course, a large group of loyal fans. Such was the case with Lindemann.

Sonus Faber Duetto

Sonus Faber announced the launch of its new active wireless stereo speaker - Duetto, a wireless stereo speaker system featuring a multicomponent hi-fi system with distinct characteristics across design, sound quality, connectivity, and ease of use. The external design of Duetto follows the Sonus Faber decades-old philosophy of the most natural sound reproduction through the use of natural materials. The Duetto lute-shaped wood cabinet merged with an elegant and custom-designed heatsink guarantees stiffness and musicality while avoiding internal resonance, creating the Sonus Faber signature Natural Sound. It also has a leather top interface Senso which allows for the user to control and set up the speaker functions such as volume, input selection, and connections.

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Signature

Bowers & Wilkins introduces the 800 Series Signature - the ultimate version of its acclaimed 800 Series Diamond loudspeaker range. The new 801 D4 Signature further refines and advances the already reference-standard 801 D4, introducing all-new levels of insight and realism that truly put it in a class of its own. The new range also introduces the 805 D4 Signature, designed to bring category-defining levels of transparency and accuracy to a more compact loudspeaker footprint, making it the perfect choice for discerning listeners in smaller spaces. Both models feature no-holds-barred performance upgrades based on unique, proprietary Signature technologies not found in other 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers. Combined with exclusive new finishes and luxurious detailing, the two new Signature loudspeakers are a level above the best.

Pylon Audio Diamond 25 mkII

Although Poland's most famous loudspeaker manufacturer started with budget speakers, its current catalog is dominated by mid- and high-end designs. The top position is occupied by the beautiful Jaspers, available in both passive and active versions. Then we have three series consisting of a single model - Amber, Jade, and Emerald. The bottom four is made up of the Ruby, Sapphire, Opal, and Pearl series. Right in the middle there's a series that has become a real market hit, combining minimalist design, high-quality workmanship, a rich color palette, and natural, balanced, and universal sound. The Diamonds were Pylon's flagships at the time of their launch. I remember how the bosses of the Jarocin-based manufacturer, still unsure of the rightness of their decision, wondered whether such loudspeakers would appeal to customers. Today, the company could probably produce only this series and would easily balance the books (especially considering that Pylon Audio is not only a manufacturer of equipment sold under its own brand but also a supplier of cabinets for leading foreign brands). However, since there was an opportunity to improve them, it was a shame not to take it. This is how the Diamonds mkII were born. To see what's what, I decided to review my favorite model from this series - the "twenty-fives".

Treble Clef Audio TCA-M

Launching in Copenhagen, Treble Clef Audio is deeply rooted in Danish design traditions of function and form, and the TCA-M loudspeakers are exquisitely crafted with this in mind. Sound by design consciously sculpt these loudspeakers to optimally support acoustic function at every bend of its slender visual signature. Far from conventional, but close to perfection. Pushing the boundaries of sound experiences whilst highlighting the possibilities of a beautifully elevated space, with the TCA-M loudspeaker as an integral part of the interior. The organic, elegant and slender shape of the TCA-M loudspeaker not only looks like a piece of art carved out of the most beautiful wood with metal and glass detailing, but by having no flat surfaces or edges to interfere with sound dispersion, the active loudspeaker performs with superior sound quality, bringing you closer to live musical performances, in the comfort of your own living room.

Melodika BSSC95xx

Melodika is a Polish brand that has advocated a no-nonsense approach to audio equipment since its inception. The core of its offerings are cables and accessories, and the priority has always been the same - to give music lovers good sound for as little money as possible. When it comes to cabling, I've always associated Melodica with the budget-priced but extremely elaborate Purple Rain series. Signal, speaker, digital, and power cables, as well as splitters, adapters, or plugs - everything is here. I also like the concise descriptions focused on technical issues and parameters. Construction, conductors, cross sections, shielding, resistance, and other facts, rather than reports of sound written in verse and tales of geometry inspired by the concept of yin and yang. Wanting to go a bit further, the company introduced the Brown Sugar series. It currently contains seventeen items, all of which are speaker cables and jumpers. This is quite remarkable, as the idea wasn't born yesterday, and still, we haven't seen a single signal, digital, or power cable in this series. Instead, Melodika decided to show us - yes, you guessed it - another speaker cable. But what a cable it is!

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