Małgorzata Karasińska

Małgorzata Karasińska

Enthusiast of music and audio equipment. Used her experience with computer hardware and software to write reviews for hi-fi magazines. As a photographer started unusually - as an airplane spotter. Here you can see her pictures in the reviews, reports and various other articles. Małgorzata also writes news and reviews, but loves music compilations and live concerts.

Wall Audio Opus 110 Ph

We have just received images of the new phono preamp of the Wall Audio company. Technical data have not been published yet even on the manufacturer's website, but the pictures show quite a lot. If we get more information, we will write about it. Photos by Wall Audio.

Beyerdynamic A2

The new headphone amplifier Germany works with headphones with an impedance range from 60 to 600 ohms. In addition, A2 has the ability to drive two sets of headphones at the same time. On the back we have two RCA inputs and one output, so we can pass the signal through. However, the most impressive thing is the notch on the cover, so you can see what is happening inside. Price - €1490. Photos by Beyerdynamic.

Plinius Kiokio

Plinius introduces a stereo power amplifier designed for professionals. Home Theatre installers had been using Plinius amps and in their words found them bulletproof, so the company designed a smaller enclosure. But the amp still weighs 32 kg and delivers 310 W into 8 ohms. Price is estimated around €8900. Photos by Plinius Audio.

Focal Spirit One, Spirit Classic & Spirit Professional

Focal is one of the most powerful companies in the loudspeaker market, making mainly domestic hi-fi speakers and car audio components. Everything is produced in France under one roof, or rather several to be more precise. The scale of production has forced the company to build a large complex of factories and laboratories and take over the cabinet factory where most expensive enclosures are manufactured. After the launch of Aria and Easya models, Focal decided to expand its line of headphones. The first Spirit One model was very successful, so engineers decided to continue this winning streak and create a whole series of headphones based on the same design. New models had to be targeted at different customer groups. Because the basic construction remained the same, functions and applications of new headphones had to be different.

Ludovico Einaudi - In a Time Lapse

Did you ever have a chance to listen to the whole album of an artist performed live from his house? If not, you have to watch the video posted below. Ludovico Einaudi is one of the most talented pianists, and certainly one of the most popular. He is not only an instrumentalist trained on classical music at the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan, but also a very talented composer. His music is minimalist and full of emotions.

Marten Coltrane Supreme 2

Swedes don't make cheap computer speakers, but now they gave us a true killer. Coltrane Supreme 2 is a massive floorstanding speaker with two diamond tweeters, ceramic midrange, one sandwich reproducing the upper bass, six woofers on the front panel and six passive radiators in the back. Couple that with a case made of carbon fiber and wood, polished stainless steel accesories, Jorma Design Statement wiring and you end up with a price of €360000. Photo by Marten.

IFA 2013

The next edition of one of the biggest events in the electronics industry has been launched. IFA is the largest exhibition of consumer electronics in Europe and probably one of the two or three events of this scale in the world. The huge complex of Messe Berlin has been occupied by hundreds of companies producing almost everything, starting from accessories for mobile phones, and ending on giant TV's, refrigerators and complete home theater systems. Berlin turns into one big electronics store, but there are no sales because everything is fresh and new.