Remote control by Encore Seven

A young company from Poland - Encore Seven - just launched a new remote control dedicated for Egg-Shell Prestige tube amplifiers. It is an innovative product both in terms of functionality, and design. The remote looks like a wooden sphere and it can be finished in gloss black or white color. The other interesting option is natural wood with visible structure. The remote doesn't have any moving parts. Instead you have to just spin it on a horizontal surface to change te volume level.

The device has a built-in system which protects it against shocks. When it detects motion other than rotation on the axis, it simply locks up the device for a short time. When the remote is stabilized again, it turns itself on and is instantly ready to transmit commands to the amplifier. This prevents accidental situations of sudden changes in volume when listening to music.

The remote control is powered by a built-in battery. It can work for a long time without charge, because of the low current draw. Charging can be done via a standard micro USB connector using any mobile phone charger or directly from your computer. There is a video showing the functionality of the remote control and we think you have to see it, so enjoy!