iFi Audio iDAC2 Micro Unboxing

iFi Audio is one of those brands which came up with the right products at exactly the right time. It all started with just a few devices in small metal boxes, each designed to do one thing - a phono stage, headphone amplifier or a D/A converter. Then the catalogue expanded and another product line was launched. Now iFi Audio also makes small hi-fi systems with their own speakers, but the Micro series will always be a bit special.

The iDAC2 Micro is a new digital-to-analog converter using the latest DAC chips and offering hi-res playback at a reasonable price. The device is quite simple, especially when you compare it to the iDSD Micro which has lots of buttons and switches for different functions. Here we get a much simpler box designed to take digital music and turn it into analog signal we can deliver to our amplifier or simply plug our headphones to the iDAC2 Micro.

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