Sonus Faber Pryma Unboxing

Sonus Faber is one of the most recognized manufacturers of high-end speakers and one of the first companies that have decided to look beyond the audio market and interest other people with their creations - artists, architects, even people from the fashion industry. They surely would not have succeeded if their speakers were just ordinary, but for many years Sonus Faber has been setting standards and creating shapes copied by others. Sleek lines of Italian speakers inspired many other designers. Italians remain faithful to natural materials and rely on everything that is beautiful, exclusive and expensive.

So when we heard that Sonus Faber is preparing headphones, we already knew they will be pretty special. Over time, there were some leaks on the web - first pictures, first press shows... And so finally we saw some of the first pairs produced during a press conference in Warsaw. Luca Vernacci representing Fine Sounds group showed us some of their features, but due to the schedule of the event there was no time to have a listen. So now we got them for a review and decided to show you what we're dealing with. Enjoy our Pryma unboxing video!

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