The making of Rubicons

If you want to see how one of the largest companies in the loudspeaker business makes their newest speakers, you have to watch a video prepared by DALI. Danes recently introduced a completely new series named Rubicon and on their example you can see how to make cabinets, drivers, crossovers and everything you need to create whole loudspeakers. Additionally, you can listen to various members of the team and see what their job is like. In less than five minutes we are presented with all stages of the production, including listening tests, final quality control and packaging. Rubicon series models are interesting because they employ a number of technologies used so far in the top series Epicon. Most characteristic are lightweight tweeters built on soft dome membranes made of wood fiber.

Specially created version of the tweeter module uses 29-mm, extremely thin dome and ribbon tweeter with a very wide bandwidth. The unique technology of magnet system SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) is the key to reducing interference and the possibility of playing extremely clear, natural sound. These are just some technical details, but for us the most impressive thing is the order prevailing in the factory. We know this is just a promotional video, but not every manufacturer could make something like that.

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