Yamaha NS-5000

Next summer Yamaha is brining the next generation of NS-5000 loudspeakers. Yamaha has explored in the past few years various possibilities for implementation of new technologies and materials, that would make a key elements in the making of the next generation of the speakers. Primal goal was the natural sound that inherits all the best attributes from the legendary NS-30 and NS-20 speakers released back in the 1968. Yamaha wants to bring a balanced sound across the entire bandwidth and overwhelming low distortion. Photos by Yamaha.

Bloc & Roc

Bloc & Roc is a new British audio specialist located on the outskirts of London. With a small team of designers and craftsmen, they are dedicated to producing high performance headphones made for everyday life. The Galvanize range has been two years in the making. The series combines high grade materials with British engineering, and has been designed as a superior alternative to the mass-produced headphones which currently dominate the market. The Galvanize series consists of two distinct designs - S1 and S2. Both have been crafted from 6082 aerospace-grade aluminium. The speaker chambers have all been hand-prepared then finished in either black, red, grey or 24-carat gold. The 24-carat gold plated deluxe editions. Photos by Bloc & Roc.

AudioQuest NightHawk

New headphones by AudioQuest use earcups made from a revolutionary new material known as Liquid Wood - actual wood that has been combined with reclaimed plant fiber, heated, liquefied, and processed in such a way that it can be injection molded. NightHawk is also the first completely original production headphone to use a 3D-printed part - a biomimetic grille that uses a complex diamond-cubic latticework to diffuse sound and defeat resonances. More info is coming soon. Photo by AudioQuest.

Classé Audio Sigma

Classé has announced the availability of a new series of components called Sigma. The first devices from these line will be 7.1-channel home cinema processor and two power amplifiers - for two or five channels. Each of the them will provide exactly 200 watts per channel at 8-ohm load. Could this be an interesting idea for a hi-end stereo system and multichannel home cinema all in one? SSP processor and the AMP5 power amplifier will be priced at $5000, while the AMP2 stereo amplifier will cost $3500. Photos by Classe Audio.

Pioneer PLX-1000

If you think classic turntables for audiophiles look boring, perhaps you will be more interested in a professional model? Pioneer released a machine that looks really cool, and thanks to the powerful motor and high torque, it can accelerate to its nominal speed in 0.3 seconds. New model has an S-shape arm and RCA outputs derived from high-end TAD brand. The set includes a transparent dust cover, slipmat and a range of other accessories. PLX-1000 will be priced at 699 euros. Photos by Pioneer DJ.

SPL Phonitor Mini

The technical and sonic characteristics of the Phonitor 2 were translated into a more compact and less expensive format to create the Phonitor Mini. Small and sturdy housing and affordable price make it the perfect headphone amp for home studios, hi-fi enthusiasts and mobile recording and mixing. New model features the Phonitor Matrix to recreate speaker-like working conditions and the second generation of 120-Volt amplifier technology. Photos by SPL.

Opera Consonance Don Giovanni

Chinese manufacturer of audio electronics, known for its tube components, introduces a small DSD player which can also be used in the car. Don Giovanni is equipped with a 12-V power supply with the option of connecting it to the car cigarette lighter. Customer can also use their mobile phone as a remote control through the Wi-Fi adapter. Photos by Opera Consonance.

Canta Audio Topaz

Canta Audio Topaz line stage is the outcome of several years of research and development. Its designers opted for a tube-based line stage design, as tubes allow for the most minimalistic approach, regarding the number of components needed, in comparison with solid state. Topaz has five analog inputs, two preamp outputs and one record output. The whole device weighs 14 kilograms. Photos by Canta Audio.

Diesis Audio Evento 20-11

After years of research and development Diesis Audio decided to design a hybrid-integrated amplifier. You have to admit that it looks awesome. Evento 20-11 uses a preamp based on two E88CC NOS tubes. Further down we have an oversized power supply in the power amplifier section allowing the delivery of 80 W at 8 ohms with high current capability. All of this in a beautiful non-magnetic cabinet. Italian company also offers the option to add a phono stage or a DAC card. Photo by Diesis Audio.

Wall Audio Opus 110 Ph

We have just received images of the new phono preamp of the Wall Audio company. Technical data have not been published yet even on the manufacturer's website, but the pictures show quite a lot. If we get more information, we will write about it. Photos by Wall Audio.

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