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Sonus Faber Suprema

Sonus Faber announced the launch of Suprema, a groundbreaking loudspeaker system rooted in luxury, unparalleled audio excellence and meticulous craftsmanship. Marking the brand's 40th anniversary, the Suprema system, featuring two main columns, two subwoofers and one electronic crossover, represents the future of the iconic audio brand and Sonus Faber's dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence.

Naim Uniti Nova Power Edition

Naim unveils Uniti Nova Power Edition, an all-in-one player that drives Hi-Fi loudspeakers with power and musical resonance Uniti Nova Power Edition is the new all-in-one player from Naim, the British brand that excels in the creation of high-end Hi-Fi systems. With 150 W of power, this high-resolution audio player and stereo amplifier is the ideal all-round solution to combine with a pair of powerful, Hi-Fi loudspeakers. It complements Naim's Uniti range, which is hailed worldwide as the range that includes the best all-in-one players on the market.

Focal Aria Evo X

Focal presents Aria Evo X, a line of high-fidelity loudspeakers for the home to follow in the footsteps of the Aria 900 range, which has enjoyed a decade of success. With revamped technologies and a brand new finish, the Aria Evo X loudspeakers step it up another notch in terms of both sound and design. The French brand has developed this new range as a continuation of the Aria philosophy - to deliver a pure listening experience by providing the best loudspeakers in their category.

Tellurium Q Statement II

If the mainstream media is to be believed, our world is collapsing piece by piece. Paradoxically, with the end of times fast approaching, the market for luxury goods has strengthened, and this includes stereo equipment. Manufacturers of electronic components and loudspeakers are introducing bigger, more powerful versions of flagship models, which just a few years ago they described as their opus magnum, a benchmark that cannot be surpassed. Stereo systems presented at the biggest exhibitions are becoming more expensive every year. The top-of-the-line Tellurium Q cables are a prime example of this. When their second version went on sale about six months ago, I was unable to review them, as they were already scheduled for a "tour", which could not be completed, because every so often the Statement IIs found a new owner. The distributor ordered two more sets, one of which went from dealer to dealer, and the other was sold almost immediately. More sets had to be brought in, and finally, I managed to snatch up an interconnect and speaker cable worth just over €16,500.

Final Audio Design VR2000

Final Audio Design, the Japanese high-end audio specialist, has announced their latest venture into the world of gaming and VR with the new VR2000 earphones. For close to five decades, Final has long proven their mastery of all things hi-fi. Starting in 1974 with the development of high-end turntable cartridges, amplifies and CD transports, and more recently moving onto portable audio with their award-winning headphone and earphone models - final's experience and insight is unmatched.

Melodika MDUAC

The latest cable from the Polish brand Melodika is now available for sale. The high-quality USB cable enables a secure and reliable connection between two devices equipped with USB A and USB C sockets. By replacing the factory-supplied cable of your audio equipment, such as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with the Melodika MDUAC cable, you can easily and quickly improve the quality of the transmitted signal. Correct impedance results in low jitter, eliminates timing faults, and distortions in digital signal that might otherwise have occurred.

Revival Audio Sprint

Revival Audio, the French loudspeaker company born from almost four decades of expertise and know-how behind many top-tier speaker brands based in France, Denmark and the USA, announced the latest addition to its line-up - Sprint. Building upon the success of their Atalante speakers, Revival Audio's Sprint range comprises the Sprint 3 2-way bookshelf speaker, and Sprint 4 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker. Both the Sprint 3 and Sprint 4 deliver a precise and balanced sound, thanks to featuring an innovative Elytron baffle design.

Unison Research Simply 845

The creation of this audio component is the result of years of design experience, in-depth knowledge of electronic tubes, and our passion and desire to make unique pieces of great value, in which traditional craftsmanship is combined and integrated with high electronic technology. The New Simply 845 ranks at the top of Unison Research's line of integrated tube amplifiers, second only to the historic Absolute 845. The Simply 845, like the Absolute 845, also employs the famous 845 direct-heated triodes, tubes well known for remarkable durability and extraordinary sonic qualities. The great advantage of integrated amplifiers is the incorporation in a single chassis of the preamplifier and the power amplifier. This makes it possible to eliminate the need for high-cost interconnect cables that are never truly neutral to sound reproduction. It should be noted that in the renewed production of the Simply 845 its size has been reduced by bringing all input and output connectors, strictly gold-plated and of a new type, to the rear of the amplifier.

Lindemann Move

Whenever I grumble about the fragmentation of the audio equipment market, which translates into a huge variety of equipment available in stores, but also problems for customers to sort it all out in their heads and make a choice, I get a press release about new speakers, amplifier, or wireless headphones. If only these were brands whose existence I was aware of, whose products caught my eye while browsing magazines or reports from exhibitions, but this is not always the case. Later it turns out that we are not at all dealing with a small factory founded by enthusiastic students, but with a company operating continuously for thirty years, boasting many successes, awards, and, of course, a large group of loyal fans. Such was the case with Lindemann.

The Inaudible Frequencies: How Dogs Became the Latest High-End Audio Critics

In a twist that has tails wagging and audiophiles howling, the canine world has unleashed its unparalleled auditory prowess upon the high-end audio scene. In a market saturated with human opinions, dogs have emerged as the ultimate connoisseurs of sound, fetching accolades for their unparalleled ear for detail.

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