Pylo - The Woman

The melancholic mood of the rain outside the window is probably the best time to listen to rock music in British style. So I put on the second EP of a young, five-piece guitar band named Pylo from the picturesque city of Bath into my CD player. The first mini-album, "Bellavue", meant that their music was compared to the works of legends such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and The Verve. This statement kindles the appetite for a journey through the nooks and crannies of contemporary guitar music.

Fortunately, Pylo did not disappoint me. The opening calm, the electronic introduction has more to do with relaxing music, rather than the rock tracks of Pylo music. But the dominant guitar really attracts the attention and promises the nature of "The Woman". Immediately after the introduction, we get a strong start on the next song, which is the most pop-like moment on this CD. The indie-rock composition "Young" reminds me of hits of U2 band from the eighties, like "I Still Have not Found What I'm Looking For" and "Pride". Smooth transition with repeated "I should've known better" verse is really catchy and it can make "Young" a top song on the charts.

Pylo - The Woman
Full album cover.

"Climbing Through The Sun" is the next track. It means a change of mood for a quiet, acoustic playing in the Coldplay style. Or perhaps it only seems like it at the beginning. The joyful energy of the choir and piano appears during the chorus, turning the song into an anthem. The title "Woman" track starts with a solo of harmonica, introducing a melancholic mood. Gradually other instruments appear, and finally dirty guitar sound comes as an accompaniment to dramatic vocals. This is probably the most authentic and heart-wrenching composition on this album. It is so refined that it could easily be one of the Kings of Leon's songs. Pop "Simple Souls" closes the EP. Here the gentle voice meets with piano, guitar, drums, and strings.

Unfortunately the EP ends. It is pity because these five songs make a fully coherent whole. We can hear the various influences, but - in accordance with the philosophy of the group - Pylo managed to create the music more than the sum of its parts. I've read that the phenomenon of EPs lies in the fact that the mini-album can be everything - an experiment, the beginning of a new road, or an escape from the current work. Here I hope it is a prelude to the album as good as "The Woman".

Pylo - The Woman
A photo from the session for the cover of Pylo's previous EP - Bellavue.

Album info

Artist: Pylo
Title: The Woman
Label: Naim Label
Released: 2014
Genre: Rock
Length: 18:17

Music rating


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