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Chord Hugo 2 Case

British high-performance audio specialist, Chord Electronics, has introduced a high-quality protective leather case for its new Hugo 2. Designed to complement Chord Electronic...

access_time 11:02AM 17 October 2017

Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2

It is very difficult, even daunting, to update a classic. An overly ambitious and inexperienced designer, in his zeal to advance the product with the "latest and greatest tech...

access_time 10:58AM 16 October 2017

McIntosh MA5300

McIntosh is proud to announce the MA5300 Integrated Amplifier. It is proof that big sound can come in small packages. It is the company's smallest solid-state integrated ampli...

access_time 02:07PM 14 October 2017

Focal Kanta N°2

The latest addition to Focal's Classic Home Audio collection, the Kanta N°2 is a totally new design from the French company. By utilising many of the company's proprietary aco...

access_time 02:02PM 13 October 2017

Sennheiser HD 660 S

Sennheiser announced their new HD 660 S headphones designed to let us enjoy sophisticated audiophile sound in even more listening situations. The successor of the legendary HD...

access_time 01:57PM 12 October 2017

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50

BeoLab 50 is the first loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen, emerging directly from the prestigious and innovative BeoLab 90 that set an entirely new standard for state-of-the-...

access_time 08:25AM 04 October 2017

McIntosh MHA50

Nearly everyone walks around with most if not all of their music library in their pocket or bag where it's readily accessible via a pair of headphones. While convenient, it li...

access_time 10:20AM 03 October 2017

Dynaudio Special Forty

Dynaudio has launched its 40th anniversary speaker - the Special Forty. The team in Dynaudio Labs used the project as an opportunity to study and improve some of their most fa...

access_time 10:16AM 02 October 2017

Gold Note IS-1000

Imagine a complete stereo system enclosed in a beautiful aluminum chassis carved in bold Italian style - this is Gold Note's new IS-1000. With the knowledge and the experience...

access_time 10:08AM 27 September 2017

Bowers & Wilkins 700 S2

The new Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series delivers exceptional performance from a wide-ranging, comprehensive collection of loudspeakers. The series sees the implementation of t...

access_time 09:57AM 24 September 2017

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7SE

Allowing music fans to experience hi-res audio on-the-move and at home, the landmark over ear ATH-MSR7 premium headphones combine studio-quality sound with an ultra-comfortabl...

access_time 09:45AM 21 September 2017

Exposure XM7 & XM9

Earlier this year Exposure launched its exciting new XM series of hi-fi components, cleverly packing an impressive complement of high-end features into a compact and affordabl...

access_time 09:40AM 19 September 2017


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